John Fraser Selects Steuart Pittman


Born in Chicago, multimedia artist John Fraser has shown his work at Cumberland Gallery for nearly ten years. Steuart Pittman, a painter who recently earned his MFA at Mills College in Oakland, CA, creates a type of painting that “disarms” with its confidence.Linked by a minimalist aesthetic, these two artists share a sacredness of visual language. About Steuart’s work, John Fraser says, “[The paintings’] reduced forms, equally recognizable and remote, perhaps alien, hover in balanced, air-tight, surrounding fields of color, suggestive of both shallow and deep space.”

View the artists’ catalogue of work in the Artists Select online gallery. You can view resumes and CVs of each artist on our website exhibition page.

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Artists Select 2016 Opening this Saturday

Invite updated 040616.jpgARTISTS SELECT 2016 

APRIL 16 – MAY 21


Admission is free to the public


CONTACT: Carol Stein

PHONE: 615-297-0296

ADDRESS: 4107 Hillsboro Circle,

Nashville, TN 37215

GALLERY HOURS: 10:00AM- 5:00PM, Tuesday- Saturday



For the first time in 12 years, Cumberland Gallery presents Artists Select. This exhibit brings together eleven CG artists and eleven new artists they have recommended. We have created a space for distinguished, well-established artists on our roster to reach out and include other professionals with whom they share respect and artistic experience. We are pleased to introduce some new folks to the gallery in April side-by-side with Cumberland Gallery artists including: Bob Nugent, Cheryl Goldsleger, Dan Gualdoni, Fred Stonehouse, Jim Lavadour, John Fraser, John Henry, Leonard Koscianski, Lori Field, Marilyn Murphy, and Tom Pfannerstill.

Recommended by the artists above, visiting artists both emerging and established include Mark Eanes, Joanne Mattera, Tom Reed, Michael Noland, Nell Warren, Steuart Pittman, Bryan Rasmussen, Marcia Goldenstein, Hannah von Goeler, Michael Kempson, and Caroline Waite. This show arranges a diverse grouping of subject matter and style with media ranging from 2-D works in color-rich oil and rendered graphite to 3-D representations in wood, steel, and found objects. Showing each CG artist alongside his or her recommended colleague will provide viewers with context and a deeper insight surrounding the artwork.

The following artists will be present at the opening: Marilyn Murphy, Tom Pfannerstill, Caroline Waite, John Henry, Cheryl Goldsleger, and Marcia Goldenstein.


Visit our website  to find out more about Artists Select and the participating artists .*For more information on the artists, visuals, and other details, contact our managerial team: Inge Klaps ( or Georganna Greene ( Our director Carol Stein can be reached at